3rd Annual D.A.N. Tournament

By January 1, 2016 Blog

On behalf of my family, I would like cordially invite the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Community to the 3rd annual D.A.N Tournament on January 9th from 9:00-3:00pm. As many already know my wife, and two children suffer from a disease called Neurofibromatosis type 2. NF2 as it is also known causes multiple non-cancerous tumors to grow in the brain, on the spine, and, most commonly on the inner-ear nerves affecting balance and hearing, oftentimes leading to deafness. While non-cancerous, these tumors can continue to develop in the nervous system with even greater consequences. In just the short time since our son Damien’s diagnosis we have seen the consequences play out very slowly in his life. Daily Damien faces back pain from spinal surgery as well he is in the later stage of complete hearing loss. As a husband, and father I cannot stand back and watch this disease rob my family of the quality of life I so want them to have. 3 years ago I decided to take action to help raise awareness for a disease that not only seems to be off the radar but one that has no cure. The Damien Antonio Nava (D.A.N.) Tournament has brought me a sense of purpose when I felt helpless as to what to do for my family. Since the tournament first started it has grown in a way I never could have imagined possible. The support of the local BJJ community helped me realize that the fight doesn’t just stay on the mats but extends to the heart of what makes us human and what makes us hurt. So if you will please consider coming alongside us as we move into our 3rd year of what has become such a unique event in the Arizona BJJ community. Come for a day of fun sportsmanship, Food, coffee, and vendors! Check out the details below, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

 To sign up go to Navabjj.com, and click on the donate button. In the message box that is provided for you please put Name, Team, Weight Division, Rank, Age, and Sex. Another option is you can call me at (480) 241-9869 to give me your info.  The school number is (480) 480-491-5440. I will also be visiting schools throughout the month of December so you can give your fee to your instructor prior to my visit.

Weigh Ins can be done January 8th  from 5pm-8pm at Nava BJJ or next morning prior to match 

All Schools Welcome

 One of a kind D.A.N. T-shirt by AGGRO for first 50 sign ups

White, Blue, & Purple Belts: 2 Age Divisions: 16-29 / 30 and up
Black & Brown Belt 8-Man Brackets
both are for 195lbs & under

Team Trophy for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place


Sex-Age Division-Rank-Weight

Neurofibromatosis Resources