3rd Annual D.A.N. Tournament: Results

By January 18, 2016 Blog

On January 9th we held the 3rd Annual Damien Antonio Nava (D.A.N) Tournament. To say it was a bittersweet feeling would probably be the best way to describe the day’s emotions. While the magnification of what rests on the shoulders of my family weighed heavily on my heart the strength of the BJJ community empowered my ultimate goal. As Neurofibromatosis type 2 is something that is incurable, and there is currently no way to stop the growth of these potentially debilitating tumors I am convinced that hope lies in numbers. After experiencing the days leading up to January 9th as well as the DAN itself I have been given something that any husband and father could use in the midst of such overwhelming circumstances, and that’s Peace. So before I move forward in the logistics of the 3rd DAN I want to say Thank You. Thank you to everyone that walked through those doors, and gave us one more reason to believe in the goodness of others. We will remember every single one of you, and value you have done for us always.

We are extremely grateful for our awesome sponsors this year who stepped up to help make this such a successful event. I want to give a shout out to our main sponsor Fight Ready MMA for all their support. We were honored to continue to grow this already formed bond with such a great business, and family. Our Co-main sponsor was Undisputed in Tucson, who has been a continuous selfless support of this cause so near to my heart. We were very excited to have multiple sponsors back this year as well as a few new ones. Every one of these are very important to not only Nava BJJ, but to my own family as well. Those are as follows: Oss Physical Therapy, AGGRO, CTRL, Global Chiropractic, 60/40 Pure Jiu Jitsu, End Game, Plunder Jewelry, Nutra Summa, and Submission Pro Tour. Thank you to each of these amazing businesses for going above, and beyond to make this event the huge success it was!

This year we were excited to add some new events in the overall makeup of the DAN. My goal is to provide others the opportunity to compete, and grow in a healthy fun atmosphere. That we would come together as a BJJ community, and foster a camaraderie that would only benefit our growth by uniting us together. Looking back I am in awe of how in just one day seeds have been planted to mark what will no doubt grow some positivity in the BJJ community. Read on to see some of the day’s results, and matches.

The 4-man bracket Blackbelt challenge participants were: Daniel Madrid, Issa Able, Jonathan Van Buren, and Gerson Atoigue.
Winner: Issa Able

The 4-man bracket Brownbelt challenge participants were: Matthew Gillette, Daniel Hampton, Jeremiah Easton, and Joe Marchie.
Winner: Daniel Hampton

There were TWO no-gi submission only matches with EBI rules. Thank you to 10th planet for bringing 2 of those competitiors!

Match 1-Kyle Boehm vs. Gary Hatch
Winner: Kyle Boehm

Match 2-Don Daubert vs. Daniel Huber
Winner: Don Daubert

These no-gi matches were just a taste of what is to come as we are preparing in the near future for a no-gi tournament so stay tuned!

There was a Blackbelt superfight with Daniel Sarafian and Issa Able.
Winner: Issa Able-ref decision

Blackbelt masters participants were Josh Stockman, Carlos Farias, and Parker Lapp
Winner: Carlos Farias wins round robin.




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