Christmas Party 2015

By January 1, 2016 Blog

On December 12th Nava BJJ HQ gathered together to celebrate the holidays Ugly Sweater style! The Academia Family opened their home so that our BJJ family would have the opportunity to come together and create memories that would last us a lifetime. This Potluck style event was equally as fun at the most recent pig roast the Academia’s hosted for the Nava team.

For this party families brought traditional favorites, and new treats made their way into this festive event. As laughter could be heard around the home, many gathered in different rooms to take part in one of the evenings exciting events. The UFC definitely did not disappoint with anticipation all the way to the very end. Fun organized activities such as the Ugly Sweater contest brought much to laugh about as folks made their way in dressed in the most unique sweaters anyone has ever seen!

Zyra Len took the 3rd place award in her holiday ornament sweater creation. Alex Martinez secured the 2nd place spot with his form fitting low cut snow man sweater! Chris Academia was given 1st place with any equally fomr fitting tiny elf shirt/pants combo. This group never fails to bring the humor, and laughter to every event our team has put together.

Additionally a white elephant gift exchange topped off the already fun filled event as our team wound it down to call it a night. We continue to be extremely grateful for the bonds that Nava BJJ has, and continues to make. We have determined that it’s simply not enough to just live life on the mats together, but to take time to share bits and pieces of who we are every single day. We continue to grow because we have a team that refuses to leave each other behind, but instead we pick those up that need carrying and move forward.

We would like to wish you each a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and happy New Year!

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