The Road to World Master’s 2015

By November 23, 2015 Blog


Challenge has always been a valuable part of the Nava BJJ family’s foundation. To continue to grow we feel we must continue to strive for great things. Competition is just one of the ways in which we seek to fulfill this purpose. On September 25th 16 members of the Nava BJJ family headed to compete in one of the biggest tournaments of the year. With Gold on the hearts, and minds of each teammate our main focus was to bring our team together to unify us in a way that ultimately empowers us as we each individually step on the mats. This event held true to our reputation as the camaraderie was solid, and all of the students impressed me while despite their own need to focus being there for each other was number one. It was awesome to share this experience with Nava BJJ’s new affiliate Northside BJJ. Having the opportunity to coach alongside head instructor Sean Huff was exciting as was getting to know him better in a more competitive enviorment. I am looking forward to what is ahead as we continue to build the relationship with Northside! As everyone hit the mats in competition Nava students did not disappoint showing the skills that weeks of hard work, and training could only provide. 5 medals were brought home after a very tough two days of intense matches. My team came through In everyway as what they took away from the experience was greater knowledge than any medal could provide. The opportunity alone has pushed them to desire only good things ahead. The results forMasters World’s are as follows:

Black belt Paul Nava- Gold
Brown belt David Blau-Gold
Blue belt Kendall Hebard-Silver
Purple belt Teca Villafuerte-Bronze
Blue belt Alex Martinez- Bronze
Blue belt Alexander Mehlhoff-Bronze
Purple belt Mark Moore-Silver



I am extremely proud of these medalist , and all of their hardwork. I am proud of their continual sacrifices to better themselves but at the same time supporting each other. It was definitely a memorable weekend.

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