Warrior Challenge

By September 19, 2016 Blog

Ares/Nava BJJ would like to cordially invite you to join us in the 1st ever Warrior Challenge! This past weekend we celebrated many great fighters at the AGF tournament and then at Fight to Win. It was a fantastic opportunity for some to show their No-gi skills in competition, and to walk away with cash for wins! The Warrior Challenge will continue the momentum bringing together those who love No-gi, and want to try to win some of the $2500 that is being awarded. This in-house event is a great opportunity to compete in a low key and warm family friendly setting! We aim to make the WC a fun, and positive competitive event as well as the chance to bring more No-gi competition to the valley. Our continous goal is to Unite the AZ BJJ community as we support each other in the common goal to grow, and learn together. The head referee Steve Rosenberg is one of the best in the state and will be in charge of those refereeing the days events. Within the next few weeks I will start visiting many of the valley schools to train as well take sign ups for the WC! I look forward to seeing everyone and reconnecting with my AZ BJJ friends! Just a reminder there will also be an amateur division for women, and men. The cost is $40 for the amateur and $50 for the pros. Also we are thrilled to have our favorite D.A.N tournament staple Island Loco Hawaiian Fusion food truck back for the WC!! You definitely don’t want to miss the festivities of October 22nd..see you soon.

There will be 3 pro divisions that are 16 man brackets
* up to 155
* up to 180
* up to 205
* over 205
Each division winner will receive $500
Fastest submission in Pro divisions will win $500

There needs to be a minimum of 8 sign ups in your bracket to win the $500. Anything less will win what is in the pot.

To enter the pro divisions you must meet one of the following requirements:
Jiu Jitsu belt of purple or higher
Pro or amateur MMA fighter
Current or ex college wrestler


8 man brackets
There will be two divisions. One is Adult (18-29), and the second is Executive (30+).

There will be two levels. One is for Jiu Jitsu experience of 2 years and under, and the second is two years and up.

Adult and Executive Division
* up to 155
* up to 180
* up to 205
* over 205

Women 1 year below 1 year above
8 man bracket Division
up to 135
over 135

*Pro Division VIP seats- $20-includes entry
General Admission-$10
MANDATORY-Rashgaurd-NO shoes-NO groin protectors
Weigh-ins night before or morning of competition with full No-gi attire on. SEE YOU IN OCTOBER!!!!
Sign up at Navabjj.com

Sex-Age Division-Exp-Weight

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